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Description:Era FM

Era FM- Rentak Muzik Terkini. Malaysia’s No 1 most-listened to radio network with over 4 million loyal listeners. It is also the nation’s first all-Bahasa Melayu private radio network featuring the “Latest Music Trends” (Rentak Muzik Terkini) and plays the best of adult contemporary Bahasa Melayu music.

The ERA website brings its surfers a wide range of exciting information including the latest in the arts, music, entertainment, Bollywood news and fashion updates. It actively encourages user participation with features such as chat, forums and online dedications.

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6 Responses to “Era FM”

  1. MUNIL says:

    Go Era! Will always support you

  2. bruwine says:

    i like era…selamat pgi pda prminat era

  3. nur syehah binti alias says:

    salam. saya Nur Syehah Binti Alias. Pelajar dari Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Pelajar tahun akhir jurusan Seni Kreatif dalam Penulisan. Saya ingin bertanya adakah pihak tuan menerima pelajar praktikal sekiranya pihak tuan menerima pelajar praktikal sila maklumkan kepada saya dalam tempoh terdekat ini.

  4. Shazielah says:


  5. Zaak Fresh says:


    Within a few weeks, I will appear on Blues Jazz Radio on Tunein Radio app.
    My segment will be 2 three minute comedy spots in the morning and 2 three minute comedy spots later in the day.

    My clean comedy will work well with your audience.
    If you cannot pay me now, I will work for free—until I bring in sponsors; then we can discuss payment.

    Please listen in the near future on Tunein, or now at:
    YouTube: Zaak Fresh


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